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We consider staff our greatest asset.
Staff, Russell's Food Center, Arnaudville
This page was last updated: February 26, 2014

We consider our staff the greatest asset we have, as each of us contributes to the success of Russell's Food Center. Most of our staff is made up of people who grew up right here in the Arnaudville area and choose to live and raise their families in this beautiful part of the country. We are proud and fortunate to consider them extensions of our family. 

Department Heads and Managers: 

Russell's Staff, from left, Francis Robin, Sophie Guidry, Lynette Kidder, Melanie Robin, Carlton Jordan, Gerald Mistric, Jude Robin and Chris Robin.
Photo by Freddie Herpin 

Carlton Jordan
Carlton has been managing the market for many years and he and his staff provide excellent service. In fact, Carlton began his career in groceries in 1970 and has been at Russell's Food Center since 1986. A native of the Bellevue area near Opelousas, Carlton takes pride in the service provided by his department. He states: "Service is #1 for us at Russell's Food Center-- service to our customers! " He is also proud of the many national display awards his department has won and that Russell's was able to win these contests over the large chain stores. Carlton states: "Russell's Food Center has won over $30,000 in prize money and groceries in our display contests." 

Tony Stelly
Teamwork gets it done at Russell's. Tony Stelly has been an employee at Russell's since 1987. A native of the area between Arnaudville and Leonville, Tony came to work at Russell's after high school. Tony enjoys working with customers and his co-workers. He and Carlton keep track of the inventory and "If we don't have an item a customer needs, we will special order it and we will get it if at all possible."

Jude Robin
Our Meat Department Manager, Jude Robin, carries on and expands the traditional butchering styles similar to this stores namesake, "Russell." This style has been used for over a quarter of a century now. A native of Arnaudville, Jude has over 35 years of experience as a butcher. Meat cutting is a natural talent and is in his genes. Jude's great grandfather sold meat out of his horse-drawn hack in years gone by. Jude loves his work. His meat cutting experience actually started at J. R. Coles' Grocery before it was Russell's Food Center. The butcher was Francis Lanclos and he introduced Jude to correct meat-cutting techniques. Jude also worked under a licensed butcher who passed on additional secrets of the trade. He has been at Russell's Food Center for over 25 years.  

Jude is proud of his hard-working staff which includes: Pearl Leger from Port Barre who has been at Russell's for over 5 years. Pearl enjoys the people with whom she works and serves. Rhonda Campbell does the meat wrapping. Jude's brother-in-law Randy Vitte and Greg Cormier handle the specialty meats. Jeremy Robin is also a hard worker who does some of the meat cutting and seasons the meat. Anna Baudoin is an excellent butcher. Norman Collins lends support wherever he is needed.

It takes many hands to provide the quality products and service to meet the needs of the loyal Russell's customers. Jude reminds everyone: "If you don't find what you are looking for, please ask anyone on our staff. We will be happy to help you."

Gerald Mistric
Gerald Mistric has over 35 years of experience in produce. He came to Russell's Food Center around 1987 and is now the Produce Department Manager. As you make your way down the aisles, say "Hello" to me and ask for help if you need. Our department will be happy to assist you  "With a Smile!"

Lynette Kidder
Our Deli is the place for your daily plate lunch or picking up a quick meal for your family to enjoy together. Managed by Lynette Kidder, the Deli can take the stress out of food preparation for you!  

Lynette has been working at Russell's since 1999 and is Food Safety Certified. She is a native of Arnaudville and is quick to boast that her team in the Deli/Bakery feels like "family." It is a group effort from planning the daily lunch plate menu to the last detail. In the Deli/Bakery, everyone listens to the customer requests and makes a point to fulfill the wishes. It is a friendly atmosphere where working together and serving the customers flows easily. It is busy but everything gets done!

Lynette is assisted by Roy Latiolais, an Arnaudville resident who has enjoyed a long career as a cook on offshore locations. Now, he is helping in the Deli/Bakery. There is also Mary Marcel, Chris Robin, Janell Leger, and Laura Theriot.  

Together, with the nearly 100 years of combined experience, the Deli/Bakery is the place to visit for a plate lunch or to pick up one of Russell's "Meals To Go" and enjoy!!!


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